Biometrics Access Control
Product Overview
Network System
  Product Outline
Fingerprint Recognition System using Fingerprint & RF Card for Door -Access, Time & Attendance and Employee Management.
- Factory : Time & Attendance, Access control, Warehouse, Cafeteria
- Intelligent building, Office, Research center, Computer center, etc.
- Central access controlling by using the existing LAN facilities
- Various access control using Finger, R/F card and Password
- Enables to register maximum of 5 fingerprints per 1 ID
- The interface with various external devices using RS-485 & RS-232
- Possible to connect to other security system & to operate stand-alone
- Built-in Interphone interface (interphone)
- Various access control using Finger, R/F card and Password
- An in-door button for Access Control
- Automatic lock status checking
- Real time monitoring on central server
- Message transfer by LCD screen and voice
- Manages and register employee's time and attendance
- Real time monitoring on all interlinked systems by Central Server and Terminal.
  ( During Network Disconnection, FP system works as Stand-alone )
  System structure

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