Biometrics Access Control
Product Outline
The Server Program for Network Fingerprint Recognition System
- Easy to Installation & Operation with the existed network environment
- Possible to link with various other security system to control Access Control and Time &
- Link with DBMS by using ODBC
- Possible to control the unlimited terminal & users
Operating Systems
Windows 98, ME, NT, XP, 2000
Features Of Terminal Managment
- Real time management for Fingerprint Recognition system by TCP/IP
- Door Lock's monitoring function
- Door open function in real time or scheduling
- Lock Set up function of Fingerprint Recognition System through scheduling
- Program upgrade of Fingerprint Recognition system by TCP/IP
- Upload & download function of user information
- Uploading of Access Control log data function
- Time set up function
Features Of Server Managment
- Various access control function using Finger, R/F card and Password
- Possible to use in both Network and Stand-Alone condition
- Real time monitoring for user's In & Out reporting Managing for user's In & Out record
- Easy management of user's In & Out and Log data
- Provide detail user's log data for the other Time & Attendance management software
- In & Out management function of users with each category such as "Door", "User" & "Group"